Bri Edwards Cats Poems

Big Fat Cat Without A Hat .....[humor; Cats]

Outside my window a big cat sat,
a big, FAT, cat without any hat.
Its fur was white and really quite long.
Nights she would serenade me with a song.

I Have A Treat For A Black Cat .....[humor; Cats]

Black cat why do you run?
I want to have some fun.
Let me pet you.
Let me get you

Yes, eating 'cat' can be 'yucky',
but I reserve 'yucky' for eating ducky.
For Peking ducky, freshly-decapitated,
many wait in line, mouths well-salivated,

I SENT SOME FRIENDS "Big Fat Cat Without A Hat ….Gets Hooked".
It's a sequel to "Big Fat Cat Without A Hat", in case you've not looked.
One dear and ‘old' friend, Carmen, replied: "What happened next? "
HERE is ‘what happened next'! I hope it does not make YOU vexed!

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