chanda panda Poems

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In The Spirit Of Friendship

In the spirit of friendship,
I give you my unconditional love
When your heart hurts mine hurts for you
When tears fall from your eyes,

All I Am And All I Can Be

All I am and all I can be
First and foremost, myself
In addition, I can be…
An artist, of many creations

So Close

So close I came and I don’t understand why
I know it must have been a wake up call from way up high
For a silent killer named DVT to find me
Yet it left me be

Metamorphosis (Renga)

Co-authored with Tim Drew

A heart’s sacred trust
Fragile and easily bruised

Haiku Math Problems (Senryu)

Counting to seven
It used to be so easy
Now that’s not the case

Smiling Through The Pain

I may smile
But you haven’t known my pain
My successes seem grand
Taking me places that I could have never planned

Putting On A Smile

Woke up this morning and put on a smile
Yep, sure did
Told myself I’d wear it no matter what
Have an image to protect

When The Brain & Heart Disagree

When the brain & heart disagree
One wants to do one thing
The other another
Seems to me the brain often wants to run

Bird On Your Windowpane

One day I was a bird
Just for a day
Beautiful Bird
Ornate colors

Swimming In The Silence

Swimming in the silence
No storm in sight
Just the calm
Its quietude is so inviting

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