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knot Available 04 November 2004

Your poems really show raw emotions which is good therapy to get them out I know for sure...hang in there.

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In The Spirit Of Friendship

In the spirit of friendship,
I give you my unconditional love
When your heart hurts mine hurts for you
When tears fall from your eyes,
My heart weeps
Empathy is what the Golden rule is all about
For when we put ourselves in someone else’s shoes
We know what they need
Our shoes have traveled similar paths
Leaving footprints not meant to be left by lonely travelers
They’ve stood at home plate swinging at life’s curve balls
Sometimes they’ve struck out; some times they’ve hit home runs
And every now and again…..
They’ve trotted the bases of life after nailing a grand slam
Those curveballs teach us the lessons we are to know

From my heart to yours, I know how to ease your pain
Just take me up on my offers
I expect nothing in return other than a flicker of hope that your eyes might smile and show some way, way, way over due relief
I want to help you ease this almost unbearable pain, not intended for you alone
But for me to share with you, as you have unconditionally shared with me
We offer much more comfort when we can give what we needed, when we needed
We offer much more comfort when we give the same unconditional love that helped us stay on our paths

Those footprints I have mentioned leave the lessons of life on our hearts and souls
Lessons meant to be shared, not kept locked up selfishly
The world’s ever-changing and not in a good way
There are more hurting people in the world than ever
Just being there for one person can have a domino effect
So, in essence, one person can leave an unforgettable footprint on the world
The one thing I want to tell you that the further you fall….
The higher you will bounce
I promise you
If you remember nothing else, remember…
At this moment in time you are leaving one set of footprints in the sand
Remember, this is when God is carrying you in His loving arms

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