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Chandan Chatterjee

The Earth, The Moon, The Sun,
The Sea, The River, or The Cloud,


Who feeds the child without eating himself
She is Mother.
Who puts the child to sleep without sleeping by himself,
She is Mother.

Shri Ram means patience
Shri Ram means knowledge,
Shri Ram means tolerance
Life returns in the name of Shri Ram.

Life is an equation,
The two sides of it needs to be equal.

Life is a poem,

You are Woman, I am a Man
For our child, I am the father, you are the mother.

Your heart is as soft as a flower


Time, the most precious to human
all over the world.
The moment passed
never return back to us.

There is a vacancy for the post of police constable, hence interview is going on. Radhe shyam has gone to appear before interview board. The officer asked Radhe shyam what was the price of fifty gram apple if the rate is one hundred rupees per kilo, . The beauty of the answer to this simple question is revealed in this poem.


You are my inspiration
You are my promise,



Love means giving up,
Love means waiting,

Theft of labor crops is not the most dangerous,
Although the police baton hits the body seriously,
But it can't remember
The greedy vision of the traitor

Chandan Chatterjee

Sitting all day with a fishing rod in hand

Me and you
Chandan Chatterjee

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The Gift Of God

Chandan Chatterjee

The Earth, The Moon, The Sun,
The Sea, The River, or The Cloud,
The forest, the Mountain, or the Grazing land,
Everything is your gift.

This smile, this cry, this feeling of separation,
This happiness, this peace, or the burning day and night,
This pain, this agony, or the relief from sadness,
Everything is your gift.

This love, this affection, this eagerness,
This pray, this obtains, or this satisfaction,
This heart, this mind, or this loneliness,
Everything is your gift.

This winter, this summer, or the change of seasons,
This cloud, this sun rays, or this storms
This drought, this flood, or this snowfall,
Everything is your gift.

This war, this peace, or this violence,
This oppression, this injustice, or the word of peace,
All of these are your gift.

O God, you present in every corner, in every soul, into the heart of all,
You present, in every atom, in every nucleus, omnipresent,
You present, in every hour, in every minute, in every second.

Hey father, shower your word of nectar, to enlightenment us
From the darkness to the light,
From the ignorance to the knowledge
From the death to immortality.

The End

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Never give up, Always say I am strong and confident to do any work

cowardness is death, brave is life

compromise means give up, Snatch what you need.

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