Definition Of Life Poem by CMA Chandan Chatterjee

Definition Of Life

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Life is an equation,
The two sides of it needs to be equal.

Life is a poem,
There must be a rhythm from beginning to end.

Life is a history,
There needs to be a truce between wars.

Life is a novel
Various accidents & events need to appear frequently.

Life is a music,
There needs to be a melody.

Life is a game,
Players need to behave with a sportsman spirit.

Life is a fair,
Where all races, religions, castes, needs to be present.

Life is a religion,
That needs to show respect to the people of other religions.

Life is a sunset,
That Needs to wait for new sunrise.

Life is an expectation,
It takes strong morale to meet.

Life is a dream,
It takes hard work to implement.

Life is an open letter,
Every word needs to have the right meaning.

Life is a secret,
That should be kept in to heart.

Life is a truth,
For which everything needs to be given up.

Life is a difficult reality,
That Needs to stand straight in front.

Life is a self-respect
For the spine needs to be stiff.

Life is a mistake,
We need to learn from it for the future.

Life is a road,
That Needs to run non-stop.

Life is a sorrow,
For which you just need to consume the suffering.

Life is a happiness,
Which needs to be shared with everyone.

Life is a promise,
The partner needs to be kept with you at all times.

Therefore human life is rare,
Dedicate this life to the service of living beings.
The End

Definition Of Life
In this poem I have tried to depict all spices of life.
Anil Kumar Panda 10 August 2021

Yeah, that is true about life. Nice write.

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