Chandidas Poems

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The Night Is Dark

The night is dark,
the sky is filled with teeming clouds.
Friend, what can I say to you?
By virtue of many lives, Him I have won.

I Am Buried In Shyam

Whatever the elders at home may say
I can never leave my treasure, my Shyam,
His beauty and charm have eaten my heart.
I constantly fear that someone will come
And cut my ribs open to take them away.

The Confidante Loquitur

That gay one who is the abode of virtue
Incessantly murmurs thy name,
On hearing a word of thee
His limbs are pervaded by a thrill,

The Confidante Loquitur (Modern Translation)

Ah lady! ah lady! hear a word,
At length having seen (him) I have come again;
Looking, looking, (my) pain increased,
Whatever was done profited not.


Thy youth is but a noon, of night take heed, —
A noon that is a fragment of a day,
And the swift eve all sweet things bears away,

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