Bernard F. Asuncion Change Poems

Why Does The Moon Change Its Shape?

Crescent form appears in the serene sky;
Allowing the stars above to increase
Their twinkling lights that make men aim so high
After the cold raindrops in the night cease.

Sudden Change

The sun was shining,
A few moments afterward,
it began to rain.

Seasons Change

Life is like a wheel
which at the moment goes up,
and then it falls down.

Life Is Indeed A Constant Change

Happy birthday, Brother Mark John,
The sun starts to become orange;
The dusk and the twilight are gone,
Life is indeed a constant change.

Don't Change Your Uniqueness

A-llow the Thursday to meet
M-arch sixteenth beacon;
I-t's a beautiful morn,
E-ndorsing a new horizon.

Change Of The Season

C-hange of the season
E-ndorses many a view;
L-et the winter cold chill share the night so blue.

Leopard Cannot Change Its Spots

A-frican leopard can't change its spots,
I-n terms of man's character;
L-earning to transform is tough,
Y-es, trying hard doesn't matter.

Real Change Has Come

R-eal change has come,
O-ne man is chosen to lead;
D-rugs, vice and corruption
R-est in peace, so does the greed.

Let God Change Your Life

J-ust let God change your life,
O-r you stay in the night;
S-laved by iniquity,
Y-ou won't see the

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