Bernard F. Asuncion Poems

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Heartaches Will Never Last

Heartaches will never last nor will they ever stay;
sorrow shall go so fast in the passing of day.
Once in a little while, one's heart may break and bleed;
abandoned by the smile, his teardrops want to plead.

Take Time To Think

Take time to think,
Many times over;
Say something that causes love
Instead of anger.

Because I Love Her

Because I love her,
I will work neath the sun;
I will be the breadwinner,
Getting the nice job done.

Mosquitoes In The Air

Mosquitoes in the air
Fly in the light of day;
They carry their needles
To suck blood from their prey.

Like A Wave Of The Sea

Like a wave of the sea
Is a man without faith;
He doubts the might of God,
He doesn't firmly wait.

Bathe Your Heart

R-ays above bathe your heart,
O-ctober eleventh morn;
N-ew dawn has just broken
A-t the day when you were born.

Visions Of Fame And Fortune

V-isions of fame and fortune
A-re deep inside your mind;
N-ever let them fade,
N-or let them stay behind.

Flashlight's Flame

The fine flashlight's flame fills
The cold dark room of lies;
Replacing them with truth,
As found by seeking eyes.

Faith Mask

Faith is a good protection
Against all forms of virus;
Making the spirit immune
To fight the lies so vicious.

The Brand New Year - 2017

T-wo thousand sixteen
W-aves farewell to the dawn;
E-arly morn has broken,
N-ever fear the bleak horizon.

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