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Bernard Flores Asuncion is a creative poet who writes poems of various kinds of forms or styles. He pens poems in different topics like love, faith, hope, life, nature, birthday, anniversary, happiness, and many others.

Some of his poems were selected as poem of the day. He has also won some poetry contests online.

Some of his works were also published in God's Message Magazine (Pasugo) , the official magazine of the Church Of Christ (Iglesia Ni Cristo) .

The Best Poem Of Bernard F. Asuncion

Heartaches Will Never Last

Heartaches will never last nor will they ever stay;
sorrow shall go so fast in the passing of day.
Once in a little while, one's heart may break and bleed;
abandoned by the smile, his teardrops want to plead.

The colors of life's way are not just pink and bright
but also dark and gray for the day and the night.
The pain and hopelessness are just in someone's mind;
causing some mental stress, better leave them behind.

Nobody else can cure your wound but you alone;
self-confidence for sure takes you from your cry zone.
The sweet smile of your own makes the whole world laugh too;
yes, the sadder you moan, the more it's only you.

Getting out of deep well of severe depression
is easier to tell than to show in action.
If forgiveness will rise and will forget the past,
then you shall realize, heartaches will never last.

Bernard F. Asuncion Comments

Walterrean Salley 10 November 2016

A wonderful poet whose works I find to be a great inspiration. So refreshing for these current times. Thank you.

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Cheryl Tutaan 25 April 2017

A man of faith and wisdom... A nature lover, nothing, but he appreciates everything! An emotional human being with a grateful heart....Full of love, life and imagination...His virtues made him vulnerable. Superb with his passion... There will never be another like you...THE MAN, THE HUMBLE, THE LEGEND...

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Bernard F. Asuncion 25 April 2017

Thanks CHE for such overwhelming words of appreciation.... I'm truly humbled by your kind and touching comment...

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Alyssa Artslover 09 June 2017

Heartaches will never last is the n.o.1 for me.Congratulations for your great talent, keep writing!

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Jran Clyde Maquimot 25 March 2022

Hello po can i ask your permission to do a thesis about your works?

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Perla C. VIllanueva 07 June 2021

Hello po, may I seek your permission to use your poem/acronym on Philippine Independence Day for our reading session to Grade 3 learners in F. Mendoza Memorial Elementary School Bulacan

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Sylvia Frances Chan 25 December 2020

You're most welcome, Rev. Bernard Sir.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 26 October 2020

CONGRATULATIONS, CONGRATULATIONS Rev. Bernard Sir. WOW! Amazing ranking today Monday 26 October 2020 #159 on top 500 poets. Enjoy this #159 on top 500 poets as much as you are able and my felicitations are here today for you! With the best wishes from The Netherlands, Sylvia Frances Chan

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Bernard F. Asuncion 23 December 2020

Thank you so much, Sister Sylvia for these inspiring words. I'm truly humbled.

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Lyn Paul 15 October 2020

Your creative mind is filled with love and happiness. Be proud that you bring " Joy to the world" Thank You Bernard.

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Bernard F. Asuncion Quotes

Love is like a river, When it rains, it overflows; When the beacon shines, The clear water glows.

'One wounded heart healed by another will have a better start; It will beat again and the pain will surely depart.'

'Two hearts in mutual beat will not fall apart; No matter what happens, each day is a fresh start.'

If one says he has no problem, then he has a big problem.

To live without serving the Creator is a life without a purpose.

The palms that are open to give are usually receiving back the blessings from above.

Conscience is a good adviser of the heart and mind in order for life not to go astray.

'Sunset is a promise of a lovely morn, new hopes and dreams for a brighter tomorrow.'

'The silence of the truth speaks louder than the noise of lies'

The only certain thing in life is change.

Like love, always and forever never end.

'If you practice TRUST, then it's most likely you can be trusted.'

'The more you hate others, The less you love yourself.'

Sometimes you have to be silent to make others listen.

No good is better than the best.

When you're in love, the more you forget, the more you remember.

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