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Charles Hancock Poems

1. Broken Dreams 11/2/2011
2. September Twenty-Two 11/2/2011
3. Nickki 11/2/2011
4. My Morning 11/2/2011
5. Wilber Jean 11/2/2011
6. Midnight Confession 11/19/2011
7. A Southern Indiana Christmas 12/19/2011
8. Idols And Heroes 2/19/2012
9. My Love For You 4/15/2012
10. Rescued! 5/5/2012
11. Nineteen-Eighty 5/31/2012
12. Backstairs And Love Affairs 8/5/2012
13. Moments With You 8/23/2012
14. Blue-Collar Man 8/26/2012
15. Pork-N-Beans 8/29/2012
16. It's All Right 8/30/2012
17. Metamorphosis 8/31/2012
18. Sometimes I Wish 9/20/2012
19. Blink Of An Eye 9/15/2012
20. I Love It When We... 9/15/2012
21. My Vanilla Life 10/6/2012
22. Midnight Odyssey 11/2/2012
23. Body And Soul 11/7/2012
24. Darkness 11/9/2012
25. Maybe, Just Maybe 11/16/2012
26. Aspire To Acquire 11/17/2012
27. She Said, He Said 11/19/2012
28. Goodbye, Farewell, And Amen 11/23/2012
29. Damn War 10/12/2012
30. Nights Are Cold, Lonely, And Long 10/14/2012
31. Bandage The Damage 11/23/2012
32. Beautiful Women And Dog Days 12/3/2012
33. Coffee Stained Cashmere 12/6/2012
34. Jacob 10/20/2012
35. A Few Of The Finer Things 12/29/2012
36. Bottle Fatigue 1/1/2013
37. What Am I To You 2/4/2013
38. I'M American Made 2/22/2013
39. A Wonderful Shame 3/16/2013
40. Distorted Euphoria 3/17/2013

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Best Poem of Charles Hancock

Remember Me

On that pleasant spring morning,
when the birds are out and performing
and the sun's rays are warming

Remember me

On that sultry summer night
after the thunderstorm yielded its might
and the moon is revealing a little light

Remember me

On that crisp autumn day
when you have time to whittle away
and the leaves are an intense color buffet

Remember me

On that raw winter twilight
when the sun is inching out of sight
and you're ready to call it a night

Remember me

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Broken Dreams

I wandered aimlessly up and down my street of broken dreams
How did my life turn out this way? It’s all wrong, or so it seems
Grand illusions were crushed, ripped apart, tattered, and torn
A heart, once full of vim and vigor, now all tired out and worn

Must I run the gauntlet ‘tween hellish heartache and perpetual pain?
Will this be my epitaph? Do I need to “cowboy up” like John Wayne?
Dare I take yet another chance at love? Do you think I really should?
Do I feel lucky? Could I b

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