Charles Stuart Calverley

Charles Stuart Calverley
Martley, Worchestershire
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Charles Stuart Calverley Biography

Charles Stuart Calverley was an English poet and wit. He was the literary father of what has been called "the university school of humour".

Early Life

He was born at Martley, Worcestershire, and given the name Charles Stuart Blayds. In 1852, his father, the Rev. Henry Blayds, resumed the old family name of Calverley, which his grandfat ...

Charles Stuart Calverley Poems

Peace. A Study

He stood, a worn-out City clerk --
Who'd toil'd, and seen no holiday,
For forty years from dawn to dark --
Alone beside Caermarthen Bay.


"Forever": 'tis a single word!
Our rude forefathers deemed it two:
Can you imagine so absurd
A view?

Gemini And Virgo

Some vast amount of years ago,
Ere all my youth had vanished from me,
A boy it was my lot to know,
Whom his familiar friends called Tommy.

Dover To Munich

Farewell, farewell! Before our prow
Leaps in white foam the noisy channel,
A tourist's cap is on my brow,
My legs are cased in tourists' flannel:


1 Canst thou love me, lady?
2 I've not learn'd to woo:
3 Thou art on the shady
4 Side of sixty too.

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