Charles Wiles (Best Love Poems) Poems

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.....If Love Were Like Water (Best Love Poems)

If love were like water
I'd build you a fountain,
And if love were like stone
I'd bring you a mountain.

.....When I Wake Up Every Morning (Best Love Poems)

When I wake up every morning
I always watch you for a while
Then I kiss you very lightly,
Watch you lips turn to a smile.

....The Moment I Saw You (Best Love Poems)

The moment I saw you
I could barely contain
All the butterflies jumping
It's hard to explain.

.....You Ask How Much I Love You (Best Love Poems)

You ask how much I love you
And then you ask once more
And so my love I'll tell you now
As I did once before.

....Each Time I Think Of You (Best Love Poems)

Did I say you are amazing?
Did I mention how I knew?
See how angels watch in wonder
Each time I think of you.

....Tell Me Softly (Best Love Poems)

Tell me softly, my sweet love,
Of how I won your heart.
Whisper now the gentle tale
Of how our love did start.

..African Beauty (Best Love Poems)

The sea is painted in her eyes
And sand is sprinkled on her skin
Her waves of hair so soft to touch
Her mouth a cave they wisp within.

....So Much More Than Words Can Say (Best Love Poems)

I'm trying to write a love song
But the words won't come out right
My heart is breaking painfully
Yet I'm lost for words tonight.

...Let Me Go Back To The Days I Once Knew (Best Love Poems)

Let me go back to
The days I once knew
When the weight of my worries
Was how to court you,

...So Much To Miss (Best Love Poems)

You have such looks
Eternal grace
The prettiest smile
In any face.

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