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Cecil Jones Myontela known as Chenjerai Mhondera among his legion of fans, readers and fellow writers is a POET, novelist, author, scriptwriter, actor, performing POET, songwriter and sometimes comedian. Believed to born in the East and is a citizen of the World. He is the author HURRICANE TO THE WORLD, HURRICANE TORTURES OF NOW, MANIFESTO#ANTHOLOG ...

Chenjerai Mhondera Poems

Walk Da People

Everywhere men are wanderers
Africa is da destination.
Hold no to sorrow.
Pick self, gather up to destination;

Just Ice

Twisting the sun,
and pushing her against horizons
to denounce day
and shout loud come to an undecided night.


And you stood there
Timelessly still.


Then they had fallen
to her charms;
and dismembered

Pushing Age

You have pushed the sun
to fall over the cliff,
Love to fickle,
And pulled down stars

Chenjerai Mhondera Quotes

27 March 2019

Absurdity is the mother of all invention.

27 March 2019

In this world, no one can positively be identified as a born-free... I believe and I am convicted in such a belief that the term born-free was a victim to coincide with terminological inexactitude.

30 March 2019

The idea of and or behind writing is to write, write and write... No one has ever written with a sense of wanting to communicate, except that when you write you communicate.

31 March 2019

To escape death, bind your soul to your work.

31 March 2019

The nonsense I am is the worth I am.

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