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Started writing poems in seventh grade, and it's been a wonderful hobby ever since. I wrote nearly everyday from the early 70s thru the early 80s - at which time I stopped, and even threw out all my notebooks full of poetry I had written. Over the past 20 years, I have only written the occaisional poem. I am currently trying to re-ignite that fire.

Cheryl Adair Poems

Fly In My Soup

theres a fly in my soup
should i let him drown?

theres a fly in my soup

Until The Journeys End

you and i have come a long long way
travelled a lot of back roads and highways
we've seen the best and worst there is to see
and thru it all you've meant so much to me

Crystal Dreams

I had a dream of you
and your crystal blue eyes
I stepped inside your soul
and I knew you for a moment

In Honor Of Love

as we are eternally bound by love
destined to walk the road of life
as we vow to be forever true
i will hold you close to me

The Aftermath

in the distance i can hear
the approach of the planes
bringing their fiery death
which they dropp like rain

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