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There will be
Times you might
Feel giving up to
All problems you're going through

I do love you very much
And if I ask you,
Do you love me too?
The same way as,

A man and his girlfriend
where blaming each other
for the unwanted baby pregnancy of the girl.

Shall I follow the star?
Or cross the sea and jump
Over the islands of Mindanao to Luzon.
So I can get myself closer to you

If you could just feel
What I feel here in my heart
You'd know it was real pure and true
Right from the start

I’ve offered my hand to you...
I’ve offered my sympathy to you...
I was so generous by giving you my
heart and soul with no expecting for in return…

There are five-four letters I would write
That is equivalent to two words,
As with a burning pen.

Hearts always long for something
to realize their essence,
searching for the meaning
of their mere presence...

For all of my entire life

I’ve never experience being love

this shouldn't be, this ain't me....
want to go back the normal me.

why shouldn't be?
why cant we be..?


Smile I'm looking at you
I look in your eyes and
I see you are searching for a sign

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There will be
Times you might
Feel giving up to
All problems you're going through
Life may be unfair
But always remember that when you
Can't stand anymore 'Just sit down, and pray'
Just take a rest and relax sometimes
Everything is come to an end
Appreciate life though life just ain't fair
Even to the lowest status of your life as long as you know
How to appreciate what life is you cannot feel you are down
Cherish every moment of your life
For you don't know where and when it will end
For everything is come to an end
Give your life with a great meaning by sharing love

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