Chester H. Reeve Poems

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Thank You

My heart felt thanks to you is made of many special things,
The warmth and happiness your valued friendship brings,
The little things you do to me, that mean so very much,
The way we are especially close and always keep in touch.

Here's To Young Seniors, Whose Adult Life Just Begun,

The living with heartaches, sorrow, joy and fun.
It's the planning and saving and making things do,
It's the happiness of living after you've been blue.
It's a world full of love to seek it out,

Heavy Heart

When your heart feels awful heavy and your mind from trouble not.
There's always someone who loves you and loves you a great lot,
When the smile is for real and the earrings are in place,
That's the time you look lovely and would win in any race,


Oh for the memories of yesterday and days gone by,
Of heartaches and sorrow and loves that die.
The joy and laughter and tears of goodbye,
The thoughtfulness and kindness that money can't buy.