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Loving You

Living without you is like living without air
Not holding you close makes me feel like a broken glass
Darling if I should choose between you and earth I would certainly pick you
In the mornings you are like a cup of coffee to me that keeps me going

Acrobatic Lover

Acrobatic Lover

The spins that you make with me in your arms, is more unbelievable than, the blade of a fan spinning,
The kisses that you give, is more wonderful, than lying in the summer sun in a bikini

Blue Rose Monica

Blue Rose Monica

The rhythm of her standing waist makes a shivering heart keeps warm
Holding her close eliminates all sadness in the eyes

Cat On The Kitchen Window

The smell of fresh pie bake at the window Hmm!
What a smell worth to swallow
Up from the ground and unto the curtain trying to hold on and making certain
That fresh sweet smell doesn’t go to waste

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Emily Casbourn 30 April 2009

Really good and deep. You brought your emotions out and showed that you like that feeling! keep on writing! !

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Born to Elaine King and Steve Reid on the 17/10/1990 in the community of Blue Hole District, St. James, Jamaica.
Attended the Bickerseth primary school at age six and went on to the Cambridge High school at age twelve. Her favorite food is rice and peas and chicken. favourite colors are yellow and green. Her ambition/ goal is to become a poet and and author.

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