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Dont really have a biography I've just been through a lot at a young age and this poetry is a way to get it all out. I also intend to become a published poet and writer someday so i like getting feed back from others that dont know me.

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When You Love Someone Who Loves Someone Else

I sit and look right at you
You stare back into my eyes
But you have no idea
You're the reason that I cry

Commit Suicide..To God

Commit suicide to God
Every single day
Tell Him all your pain
And He'll take it all away

A Title Would Ruin The Ending

Smoke eats the air
Failure is beeping in the distance
My heart skips a beat
Curses fill the ears of the walls


No more tears can I cry
From these tired brown eyes
I don't think I want to even open them
They'll just fill with pictures of you


We all bow down
To hypocrite's crown
Say Hallelujah
As we stumble around

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Amber M 05 October 2010

Have a fun life as nothing more than a daycare assistant.

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