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22 December 2021

Once upon a time Life is given. Once upon a time Life is taken. In-between the intervals you're responsible of what you make out of Life.

23 December 2021

Life and living; time and chance happens to them both.

27 December 2021

Sometimes like the Whot game, when you have said your last card and about to win the game, life gives you a 'pick two'. The bold ones here will continue but the faint hearted will loose and loose out.

29 December 2021

Life is a recommendation; living is an endorsement.

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The Best Poem Of Chibuzo Okoroafor

The Cry Of My Heart

I was born when I was born
But I won't die when I'm dead
I will live after my death
That's the cry of my heart

My generation will hear my voice
When I cry with a loud voice
Oh my generation!
Come back to your right position

For we're the reason for the season
The one to change the season
The 21st Century,
Cannot be changed by the next century.

A call to responsibility.

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