Ima Ryma Chicago Poems

Chicago - O'hare

In Chicago, I am O'Hare,
The international airport.
I am reached by the world by air.
Biggest, busiest - brags I court.

Chicago Dog

The Chicago style hot dog is
An all beef frankfurter cooked done,
Steamed, boiled or grilled the vendors' biz,
Then put on a poppy seed bun.

Chicago Pride - Lincoln Park Zoo

The Lincoln Park Zoo reaches out
'Round the Chicago neighborhood,
To share of nature all about,
How human connect can be good,

Chicago - Marina City Towers

We're twins - and the most famous in
Downtown Chicago River side.
Sixty story tower - each twin.
Half minute elevator ride.

Chicago - Wrigley Field

I was built in 1914
On a Chicago city block.
Wrigley Field had come to the scene,
Where Cubs baseball fever would rock.

Chicago - Playboy Mansion

I stand in Chicago's Gold Coast,
1340 North State Parkway.
Hugh Hefner (Hef) liked me the most,
And bought me for Playboys to stray.

Chicago - The Loop

I got my name, most people say,
Cuz el train tracks went round and round.
And so tiz just a friendly way
To reference me where I be ground.

Chicago - The World's Fair's End

1893 was the year.
October 28th the night.
The Chicago World's Fair was near
Ending as a great success bright.

Chicago - Lincoln Park Zoo

In August,1868,
Was started the Lincoln Park Zoo.
A gift of mute swans did create
The time and place, and did accrue

Chicago - The Stock Yards

The Yards was what the world called me.
Where Chicago did meet the meat,
Packed in over a century,
Butchered for all the world to eat.

Chicago - Skyscraper First

In Chicago, I rose to fame,
As an architectual high.
Ten stories upward I did aim,
First to be known to scrape the sky.

Chicago - Barn Burner

I, Louis Cohn, in this my Will,
Do hereby confess to the crime
Of causing my city great ill,
Destruction the worst of the time.

Chicago - 'the Clock Mender'

The Marshall Field's Department Store,
In Chicago's Loop on State Street
Got a big Norman Rockwell score,
'The Clock Mender' did time entreat.

Chicago - Of Stinky Roots

Shikaakwa was a stinky plant
In Miami/Illinois land.
When other food sources were scant,
'Twas eaten by the tribal band.

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