Ima Ryma Poems

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A Dog Of Few Words

A clerk said, 'Next in line - this way.'
A dog spoke up, 'I guess I am.'
'What can we do for you today? '
'I want to send a telegram.'

New To The Nest - Lincoln Park Zoo

A happy hatching has occurred,
An Inca tern chick comes brand new.
The species, an endangered bird,
Can be seen at Lincoln Park Zoo.

Dad's Touch

Growing up, all I had was Dad.
He was my best friend, come what may.
At times, I cried when I was sad.
Dad gently wiped my tears away.

Hell To Pay

It does be said that money is
The root of all evil and so
Money is behind all war biz.
Off to war human greed does go.

Art Of Healing

My parents both age eighty two
Within the same week passed away.
To help my grieving I did do
A painting on a sunny day

Double Intrusion

A grain of sand gets stuck in me,
Causing me irritation - damn!
And so does respond my body
To give some relief to this clam.

Cold Turkey Or Else

I'd died and gone to heaven high.
The shock had not worn off me yet.
What choice was there but to comply?
I sure could use a cigarette.

Seal Whiskers

Whiskers, whiskers - I got a bunch,
As any harbor seal has got.
Whiskers help us to find some lunch -
Seafood, fish and crabs and whatnot,

Just Too Cute - Lincoln Park Zoo

I am a cute red panda who
The humans love to see this 'red'
Here at home in Lincoln Park Zoo.
Lots of 'oohs' and 'aahs' be said

Thirst Quenching - Lincoln Park Zoo

Sloth, Luigi, decides to do
A water cooler hanging out
Here at home in Lincoln Park Zoo.
Luigi's got a thirst no doubt.

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