Rookie - 2 Points (13TH DECEMEBER 1988 / LAGOS STATE NIGERIA)


1. You Are, What I Try To Have 9/28/2009
2. Memory 9/28/2009
3. All Round The World 9/28/2009
4. At The Point Of No Returns. 10/8/2009
5. A Letter To Love. 10/8/2009
6. Laughter In The Rain. 11/6/2009
7. The Dream Lover 11/6/2009
8. Freedom 11/10/2009
9. You Can`t Hurry Love. 11/19/2009
10. A Stranger. 11/25/2009
11. Fall 9/17/2009
12. For Everyone. 4/6/2010
13. I Walk. 4/6/2010
14. Wild Lady. 4/6/2010
15. Night Chills. 5/17/2010
16. Patience. 4/25/2011
17. African Child 9/18/2009
18. We Promise 9/17/2009
19. The Best Things Of Life. 11/25/2009
20. Africa 9/18/2009

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Africa, Africa, Africa.
A continent full of good deeds
A place built and made for all human.
Africa I love.

Africa, you have being explained by different personalities.
But no definite explanation to classify you Africa.
For me, you are a place for non-finished things.

Africa the place our “Lord” was on earth
Africa you are full of different human character the white and the black
Where you can get the good, bad, ugly, and beautiful things.

Africa you are the strongest among other different continent.
You thought me how to become a ...

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African Child

Africa child a leader in the world
Africa child you grow so tender
In the two hands of your mother
Into a matured man to move the world

You really sucked the milk
Of your Africa mother with love, strong ness, neatness and greatness.

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