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I am 20 years old and married to the love of my life and busy raising my little girl. I love to write poetry because expressing my feelings through the written word calms me and allows me to spread my love to others

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*loved Soul* Christian 17 April 2013

Poems are inspirational and well thought out keep up the good work

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Wilma Horne 08 June 2009

i really like how u incorporate who you really are into ur poems. <3 keep up the great work <3

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Lady Black Rose 06 June 2009

luv how you express youself though your poems. they are so simple but they reflect you as a complex person.

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Angie Estrada 01 May 2009

I like the way you believe in yourself and that nobody can change that

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The Best Poem Of Chris Clingman

I Once Was

I once was a kid
but now i am a teen
i used to love to laugh
and now i hardly smile

i once was a fighter
but now i am a lover
i will turn away a fight
unless you attack my heart

i once was a pup
but now i am a wolf
as i work to build my mind
i also work to build my strength

i once was a firey blaze
but now i am a cooling ember
i used to burn with hate
but now i burn with love

i once was an artist
but now i am a poet
i used to draw how i felt
but now i write how i feel

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Chris Clingman Popularity

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