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People never see who i really am
Cuz i only show them what they want to see
But underneath the mask
I'm so much more...

You are my life and I'll never let you go
No matter the distance
No matter how long
You'll always be close to my heart

A heart of gold stopped beating.
Two shining eyes at rest.
You were loved by all
Hated by none

The world in which we live
Is sick and dying
And people dont really care
They keep going on with their everyday lives

It hurts to see the day that you aren't with me
You told me that you'd be here forever
And that you would never hurt me
I guess that you lied

He walked away
With no goodbye
No explanation
Just turned his back

She found a guy
Who made her happy
Who put a genuine smile on her face
He was everything that she ever wanted

A chill runs down her spine
As she comes to realize
How much she hates him
For what he did

Your memory haunts me
And will not let go
No matter how hard I try
You're still there

The past creeps up on her
Yet if she turns around
She'll only give in
And break apart


Torn in two.
Don't know what to do.
Do I take the path of the unknown?
Or stay on the path I'm currently on?

She sits and waits
Under the giant elm
For her love to come

As she looks
Into the starry sky
She remembers
Days gone by

I met a brown-eyed boy years ago
And he was one of my best friends
He'd make me laugh
He'd make me smile

I never thought that you would leave
You left without goodbye
Now all i do is cry and cry
I wish i could turn back time

Truth is:
I've cried too many tears to count
Laid awake too many a night
Wishing it all would end

If i knew that one day you would leave
If i knew that you would be the one
to cause so much pain
If i knew how it would end

When you need a shoulder to cry on
I'll be here
If you ever need someone to just listen
I'll be here

In the room, there is an empty bed
Still unmade
A dusty window
Toys scattered on a dusty floor

Never give up on someone
Cuz you may be the only hope they have
They could be so close to the edge
And if they knew you were the only one

Wilma Horne Biography

I'm just a girl trying to find here place in this world. I'm 22 years old. I love writing poetry. My family is my life. I don't know where I would be without them. <3)

The Best Poem Of Wilma Horne

The Real Me

People never see who i really am
Cuz i only show them what they want to see
But underneath the mask
I'm so much more...

I'm a D.O.R.K.- Daughter Of the Risen King
A girl who truly cares (a bit too much)
A girl who cries over stupid drama
A girl who loves with her whole heart
A girl who trusts so much but in so few
A girl who is lonely even though i'm surrounded
A girl who is loud but reserved
A girl who longs for true love
A friend to those who are in need
A girl who wishes it all would end
But most of all...

I'm just ME :)

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