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Old age is something nobody warns you about
Even leaflets can’t tell you what to expect next

In an empty house
I feel all at sea

The lyric of dawn is fading
Though her song be mournful

The Jumper
So much can be told by this old picture of me wearing a given jumper.
Hidden among its well-worn fabric and faded colours and patterns.
The hint of perfume my sister had borrowed to impress a new boyfriend

Give Me Back My Town by Chris Darlington
Looking up one day at the new Deck flats by the canal
I thought, this is not Runcorn nothing like it, nothing matches.
No beautiful dawn can rise up there in the clouds as is does on the packed tiny terraced streets below.

My dad worked in a slaughter house
Stale blood on his boots smelled for miles
I thought what a cruel job he had
He was chief eyeball exploder.

Sometimes I’m in your shadow too much
And slip in to it like putting on a comfy overcoat.
Some days I wonder if your life has been worthwhile
Or I would have been better off without you.

Everyday Hunger
Each day I feed the hunger to write
I need my fulfilment of words

BLOOD AND RAIN BY Chris Darlington
It only takes the damp, dirty streets and the smell of cheese and onion crisps, to remind me of the assassination announcement.
Old people in the dole queue grieved for a stranger.
Kennedy was dead, he'd been shot.

In our house a bowl of fruit meant that somebody had a series illness and the fruit was for them alone.
Normally we couldn’t afford to buy fruit because it was too expensive to buy.

She waits all night for
Horizontal lovers
To break her skull in to fragments
In her nightmares she fights with the shadows

Chris Darlington Biography

Over the years Chris has helped lots of local people to record their memories and brought them to life in books, sometimes local plays and a C D. Subjects Chris has tackled over the past eight years have ranged from local sporting and industrial history, to true stories of our local evacuees and war memories. During this time Chris has also helped many people find out about their own family history and his projects have brought together many long lost friends, including three evacuees who had lost touch for nearly sixty years. Chris has found over the years that local people’s memories are equally as important as the famous people of our locality. He hopes to build up this community website to help preserve local people’s memories for our future generations to come. Chris is looking forward to hearing local people’s memories on all subjects and to seeing any photographs people would like to send into the website, he is hoping to grow this website over the next two years until it becomes a valuable community resource for all of us to share and enjoy in the future.)

The Best Poem Of Chris Darlington

The Wisdom Of Old Age

Old age is something nobody warns you about
Even leaflets can’t tell you what to expect next
So little advice of what to do
Or warnings what will happen to you.

There are very few books or films or sudden cures
That alleviates the fears of growing old
Old age is like some frightening monster
You try to run away from. But find your shoes are heavy
As lead weighted diving boots.
So your every move is suddenly in slow motion.

Then you realise in your head your still young
So what was all the fuss about old age?
It’s supposed to bring you wisdom?
So give it time for all the comforts of knowledge
To wrap you up in its knowing blanket.

Until you sleep long and dream gently
Of open fields of golden corn
Then suddenly bright lights and your eyes are open
And it’s as if you have just been born.

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Chris Darlington Popularity

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