chris lang Poems

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2nd Street And Car Rides

These moments are the ones never forgotten
Enjoying, and never dwelling on anything
Eye opening. Truthful
Because talking with someone about life is invaluable

City's Joy Yet Clown

Mr. popular smiles oblivious
He walks and spits at your peasant feet
Walking with women that we call pretty
And knows that he is well known by all.

Love 7

Love is all
Love is like peace
It is everywhere we search
Yet, we can find none

Depression 1

Its not to ones delight to dwell of the clouds and thoughts of dark
The night, or the day, or the time
Another day passes and you see the ignorance of others
Everything and anything someone does seems so wrong and naïve.

The Time For Writing

Is there a perfect time to write and express yourself.
A time in which the words you want are always there
Is this nirvana ever in sight.
And I am in it right now

Thank You For Listening

I know it’s hard to hear this coarse voice, this whining voice, this crazy voice.
I know it’s hard to hear my mind race and the scares that it causes
I know it’s hard to hear my mind many a time
But even though scary,

About Poems

Poetry is broad in rule
Leaves room for deciding what to put
Write of death or life, nature or love
Open and free, shout out your mind

Sondre Lerche

Opened the doors wide open like
With his open heart and views to help aid
Helped create delight and creativity

A Time Of Sleep

The mother and father cry today
And night brings worse. Beating
The pain of life cannot be stopped
And the child hides

Animal Collective: Thanks

I don’t care, what you see…
I don’t want these material things
All I need, is a rising soul..
And a place, to call my home..

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