Christian Muller Poems

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A Young Man's Confession

Would it be wrong my God, to like a girl
Within your Holy House? Now hear me out.
I am no pleb my Lord. Who would unfurl
The rose of her fair purity. Don't doubt

The Talk Of Other Tongues

I came across a foreign jewel today.
I scarce can say her hallowed name with ease.
Well, I think it's hallowed anyway.
I do not actually ken her name, but please.

The Land Of Sleep

The sweet release of peaceful lonely sleep.
Away! So far from all the pains of life.
I come so close, yet miss, so I must weep.
For I can bring no end to this foul strife.

Under The Stars

Under the stars she came to me last night.
Dreaming my dream, in some strange distant land.
While counselled poorly by my shifting sight
That led me down the path of fleeting sand.

Maid For Other Lands

In coldest crimson light of breaking dawn.
She left me for the dream of better lands.
And so, she left my sinking soul forlorn.
As her soft clasp slipped from my haggard hands.

Dark Is The Night

Fire faltered in the night, I came to taste
The very last it had to give to me.
And round the flame sat figures dark, in waste
They wept white tears, as they all yearned to be


In the dark I sing your praise,
‘spite the biting chill of night.
I am subject to your gaze.
Yet I lack the gift of sight.

An Ode To J.M. Coetzee

Excellent J.M. Coetzee.
Is to our country dear.
But I muse to myself
On the actual wealth,

The Fire Princess

So bright are you young princess of the flame
Your wond'rous light hits all things foul and fair.
Your colours put wise Joseph's cloak to shame.
Fine gold, cold blue, pit black and orange flair.

The Sea Princess

So clear are you, young princess of the blue.
You hold the seven seas at your command.
Your siren's voice can strike my heart of rue.
And fill it with your love. I well demand

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