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She always knows just what to say
My Angel gives me brighter days
She makes my monsters go away
My Angel loves to laugh and play

I love the shades
Of your beautiful skin
How in winter it blends
With the sheets we've been laying in

Sometimes the world spins in reverse
Sometimes you just can't find the words
I know just how the feeling hurts
I feel your pain

You left me hurting with a broken heart
Never loved me at all
You broke my soul and tore me apart
Sat aside to watch me fall

For eternity
Sweet remedies
For the pain

Mother and father are fighting again
I'm stuck in my room pretending I can't hear them
But my door is wide open and their screaming carries itself in
Soon I can see mom holding her arms up in defense

Anywhere the clouds of rain go
I follow
Because I know
That sitting underneath is you

Victoria the savior of
My heart, and all eternal love
You are all I have in mind
I think about you all the time

I've been trying to cry
Every night
For the past seven years
through the cheers

Love is a thirst insatiable
You drink it knowing you're never full
Love is an epidemic incurable
Neglect the vaccine until it takes you


I smile at the sight of him
He doesn't know that I exist
I adore his aura from a distance
Like flames, I watch it dance

When you love someone, you're
constantly thinking of them.
Just seeing them brings
an irremovable smile to your face.

Goodnight my Angel of the heavens
And the bright lights
Sleep tight in the shelter of the blessed
Through the cool nights


Love is like fire
If your not careful
It burns

Please don't tell me what you think you know
Because I know you don't
And I think you should go
Don't you dare tell me what is right from wrong

Things haven't been right lately
I know, I'm sorry about it all
I'm trying hard to dropp the chains I carry
But the weight is just too much

I need to find a quiet place
And close my eyes to rest
Id love to find an empty space
And close my eyes at last

Wherever you are tonight
Please look up at the moon
And know that I am by your side
Holding closely onto you

It's getting harder to live these days, alone with no one to hold
I wish I could change the way the story of my life has been told
But every time I try to make things better, I can't get a hold
And my life falls like rain or sand from my hands that are growing old

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I am 25, and I am a poet. I want to be recognized for my poetry someday.)

The Best Poem Of Christian Rivera

Angel And I

She always knows just what to say
My Angel gives me brighter days
She makes my monsters go away
My Angel loves to laugh and play

My Angel loves me through and through
She knows I love her so much too
My Angel and I stick like glue
She knows our love is more than true

She loves the silly rhymes I make
My Angel loves the games we play
She smiles at everything I say
My Angel loves me everyday

My Angel means her 'I love you's
She knows how to follow all my clues
My Angel knows I tell the truth
She cries when I say, 'I want to marry you'

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Christian Rivera Popularity

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