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My name is Christina and I express myself through poema. You may not thinkm they were good but I write these poems to let my feeling flow.

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You'Re Every Other Love Song

Since we have found each other much has happened,
I find myself giggling to love songs.
I see people getting annoyed everytime I say your name,
and I like it.

Yep Celine I'M All By Myself

I guess the joke's on me
you said I never deserved anyone and its true.
I thought someone at least one person was going to be my 'someone'
not my 'other one'.

Coke And Poprocks

I'm a new soul and I'm changing everyday
I'll happily walk your way.

See I'm still learning how to make you smile

The Dark Side Of Pursuing Approval

'I am Me! '
She screamed.
Gone into the wind to be heard by none.
She was alone in her harsh world,


Hey I can't believe everything has happened.
I thought you were different.

Hey it's me, the girl you loved.

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