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Courage to stand out.
Courage to be me.
This courage I wish I had so drastically!

Girls are insecure; Women are confident.
Girls dress trashy; Women dress classy.
Girls are students; Women are teachers.
Girls are listeners; Women are preachers.

From a previous engagement you took me by surprise.
Still remembering the night you had me tingling inside.
You asked me a question that I despised.

I was limp, until you came along.
With a broken heart I thought never again would be warm.
Your a ray of sunshine; When your around you brighten up my day.
Always around never letting rain come my way.

I can only wonder how I'm seen from your perception.
When I look at you; It's hard to tell if it's admiration or deception.
Do you appreciate my mind and soul; Or do you focus only
on what your eyes behold.

I thought he like me; But that wasn't true.
He said all the things he knew woman wanted their man to do.

Calling Non-Stop;

Would you mind making love to me until i'm satisfied?
Caress my body and seduce me with your eyes.
Would you mind kissing me with all your emotion?

Tangible...Capable of being perceived especially by the sense of touch.
Something Tangible.. That's what a woman like me need so much.
The visual of this indiviual leads me to want something more residual.
Not games or deception.

You know what they say!
What comes around goes around!
Nothing could be more true.

What happen to the kisses?
What happen to the hugs?
What happen to the feeling of being in love?

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Courage to stand out.
Courage to be me.
This courage I wish I had so drastically!

Courage to laugh.
The feeling to be free.
Oh I wish I wish I had this courage inside of me.

Courage to love.
Courage to trust.
To have this courage would be a plus.

Courage to accept I have courage.
This is proven to be;
The hardest courage their could be.

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Nithya R Ch 01 December 2021

I loved the poem 'Courage To Stand Out'. It's soo true with me

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Cyerra Weimer 03 October 2007

luv it && its so true! ! i even got so broken hearted from a guy like dis! !

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