Christopher Cariad Poems

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Dance To The Music

Dance to the music
under the stars at night.
Dance to the music
of all time lullabies.

True Happiness

We've always wanted what we couldn't have.
But will happiness be found in these things
That will never be ours?
I find that happiness lyes

The Power Of Power

The power was in their hands,
and they got to decide,
the actions to guide humanity.
Many trying to influence that decision,

Money Bed

Your Passion for money
Leaves you in a bed of greed,
Taking away all hopes to succeed.
Love is the ultimate key

Powerless Drug Life

Locked in by this wall
Of addiction and hurt,
Powerless to break free
From this comforting medicated life.

Racing For The Finish Line

Accomplishment is what we strive for,
To reach a goal
And breathe success.
To be the best at our craft

Shepherd And The Sheep

You're my shepherd
And I'm the sheep.

Your all knowing

The Silk Rose

I look into your eyes
And see the beating of your heart.
You're the one I knew right from the start.
Your perfection underlines my lack there of.

Traveling West

I want to be like those pioneers
That traveled west.
I want to suffer and thrive
From my hands alone.


Technology how I do ever so hate you!
You come into my life as a joy
To better help my life, but I have
Come to find that you have only caused