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Another year passes

The old man is sitting in his armchair,
Looking out of the window,



Respect yourself,
Improve yourself,



Time's running out,
Increasingly depleted day by day,

The Path Of Life

Preordained perhaps,
Self-determined maybe,

O' Death, why have you taken everything I loved,
O' Death, why do you keep taking my friends.
O' Death, why do you always stand at my side,
O' Death, why don't you release me when angels are calling me to heaven,

Halloween Teatime Treats

Cadaver kebabs with pigs blood sauce,
Cadaverous gelatine with selected eyeballs,



Extra tasty treat for breakfast,
Good on top of a nice steak with onion rings,


Letters sent home from the front,
Envelopes carrying priceless letters,

Empires of Sand

As children we built our empires of sand,
Every time we visited the beaches on the east coast,

How Many More?

Just three little words,
That means so much,



Kits of all sorts of things from planes to trains,
Imagineering the completed model while looking at a pile of sprue's,

By the babbling brook

By the babbling brook I rest myself,
Watching damsel-flies hovering above the water,


Scars from decades of struggles,
Countless old wounds remain,
Atonement perhaps for my sins,
Reminders of old battles won and lost,

Born out of the heat of volcanoes,
Nature's own glass it is so beautiful and rare,
So hard it can take an edge sharper than flint,
Yet so few of us have heard of it,

Wasted Days

There are days when I have no fight left in me,
When I haven't got any energy left,

Glaw Haf

Haf glaw,
Splashing yn y nentydd,



Sadness and sorrow stalking my life,
Oneiric memories afflicting sleep,



Fireplaces with roaring log fires,
Inclement days huddled around the fire,



Last one here,
After everybody else,



Slipping out of harbour at dawn,
Heading out to sea past the headlands,

Christopher Tye Biography

Born in Lincolnshire, England. I have always lived in Lincolnshire. Music, life & the Lincolnshire countryside are my greastest inspirations. History, the arts, archaeology, architecture, anthropology, aviation, railways, early & classical music are my main intersts. I tend to write poems as I think of them. My poems tend to be with-out much ryhme, reason or sturcture as a result.)

The Best Poem Of Christopher Tye

Another Year Passes

Another year passes

The old man is sitting in his armchair,
Looking out of the window,
Watching the birds,
As they are flying from tree to tree,
He remembers all the winters,
He spent in his garden when he was young,
Planting those same trees,
When they were just little saplings,
He remembers all the years that,
Those trees have been growing and slowly maturing,
He knows long after he has celebrated his final birthday,
All the trees in his beloved garden,
Will still be growing,
And still be giving food and shelter to the birds,
He wonders if in sixty years from now,
Will his grandchildren be doing the same.

By Christopher Tye

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Quotes are very motivational and gives a lot of energy.

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Shaun Coleman 01 August 2021

Chris I work with Support Our Gurkhas and I would like to talk with you if I could re the poem you read out in London

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Susan Golland 01 November 2020

David Bea wants to contact you 01427 611488

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Annette Aitken 12 October 2016

Christopher is a prolific writer..he can write a piece on anything in life...some very humours, other educational, but which ever you want to read.. you will get joy out of anything he writes.....

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The small poems by Mr Christopher Tye are like the capsules with right medicinal properties to cure any disease. The poems have a great appeal as a common feature and none can miss to read them. Mr Christopher is a philosopher poet with good insight into life and makes a lot of difference over here. I hope he will at times go for longer writes as well to break the barrier of a long time sticking to the same type of writing. A poet with a mission can be involved in diverse thoughts too. I wish Mr Christopher all the best ahead.

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Christopher Tye Quotes

If you stop learning & gaining knowledge you've stoped living.

A honest life is a life worth living.

No man can outrun his destiny.

Start building on the common ground. Then learn about the differences and understand them.

Never ever underestimate my ability to snatch defeat for the jaws of victory.

Grace and humanity will always outshine hate.

Life is transient in comparison to the infinity of time and space.

A life lived without honour is no life at all.

If you consider the end would you live differently?

No man should ever become so powerful that mankind could not bare witness and judge their mistakes.

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Christopher Tye Popularity

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