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Last Leaf Standing

The rest had left
the tree was bare

Who Doesn't Want

Not looking for forgiveness
my soul I pray to keep


Feather white feather bright
fell from angels wing tonight

Just A Little Star

There is nothing special about me
I forget myself sometimes

Paper Never Refuses Ink

I'm sat here in the garden armed
with paper and pen

Man In The Moon

Come hail or rain or sleet or snow
outside is the place I'll always go

Reclaiming Sunshine

Behind the Mask
he hides away

Walkie Boots

New walkie boots I bought today
I need to test drive them in some way

A Memory Returned

His body maybe in winter

Smile She's Here

It was four am the clock chimes
sounds of whispers swooning

Growing old

I wouldn't mind growing old
as long as I had

The Rusty Wig

I came across a rusty wig
full of lice and mice

The Handbag of No Return

Enter at your peril.

Mick-o-leen Oge

There once was a man named Mick-O-leen Oge
He roamed ore' mountains and valley's below

Cat and Mouse

Between the grass
he stealthily creeps

The Circle Of Life

A boulder's life it would be
when first it fell into the sea

The Liar

He told his friends that we were finish
but never thought to tell me this


Here's a hug from me to you
to make you smile when feeling blue

Sands of Time

We walk along the sands of time
your fingers are entwined with mine

The Grey Haired Lovers

Deep inside the wasteland
a tune hung on the air

Annette Aitken Biography

I am now on twitter as Annette Aitken. Hello my name is Annette. I was born in Dublin (Eire) in 1964 I am the youngest of seven children. I left school at fourteen with not much education behind me. As I quote a poem I have written myself sum's me up. School of Life " I may not have a Masters Degree GCSE or ABC but what I know of love and strife I learned it in the school of life. " For the early part of my life.)

The Best Poem Of Annette Aitken

Last Leaf Standing

Last Leaf Standing

The rest had left
the tree was bare
but, there he was
just sitting there
holding on
with all his might
clinging to
the tree of life.

The sun came out
tried it's best
to curl his edges
make him sweat
still the leaf
would not flow
onto the ground
where others go.

The wind came out
to try his way
to blow
the little leaf away
he hung on tight
with all his might
this little leaf
would stand and fight.

A storm came along
knocking on his door
it howled, it growled
it even roared
the little leaf
hung on so tight
no storm will get
to me tonight.

He woke next morning
to birds song
he yawned and he stretched
he sung away
wondering what else
may come his way
The last little leaf
who dared to fight
clinging to the tree of life.

Annette Aitken Comments

Annette Aitken 20 July 2016

Thank you all for your support and comments, much appreciated. Annette

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Unnikrishnan E S 30 September 2018

Annette is an ardent lover of poetry, With inborn talent. Her poetic prowess is easily deciphered in the lovely little poem she has shared for us in her biography. A true poet, worth the name. An artist of immense beauty and imagination.

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Art Guy 22 May 2018

She was a true artist with word and could paint a landscape in your mind using few words better than any artist could with a thousand brushstrokes.

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Seamus O Brian 03 April 2017

One needn't know a rose for very long in order to fully appreciate its bloom. One only needs to know roses in general, but more so the knowledge that each blossom is fully unique in itself. Over the relatively short time that I have been acquainted with Annette's writing, I have had the delightful and very satisfying literary privilege of witnessing her bloom as a poet. To behold the transformation from somewhat tentative, albeit incisively honest writing to forcefully engaging and viscerally driving command of vision and expression has one of the more satisfying experiences I have enjoyed during my tenure in this forum. Annette s not afraid to wander down the darker alleys of the human mind, and she is honest enough to report what she encounters there, vividly and unforgettably. There is, indeed, a refreshing quality to her writing, unpretentious and direct, with imagery that unapologetically bites and does not relent. Just as well, for the beauty of a rose is not distinct from the sting of its thorn.

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Bill Cantrell 23 November 2016

Annette is a refreshing poet, original and creative, just a little star is an example of her talent, tender...humble and shining as bright as the sun.

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Christopher Tye 07 October 2016

Annette has the ability to write from the heart and among her poems you'll find some absolute gems.

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Annette Aitken Popularity

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