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A soul mate is lucky to be found
Once in a lifetime so stand your ground

Love is lost once love is found

Confusion spinning round my head
Never knowing where it's lead

Wandering about wondering doubt


Ever wonder where we go
Heaven above
Or Hell below

Read With Me!

Read with me


What a way to end the day
Fight to kill and blow us away

I see the light
You are my knight
Without you I could not fight

As I gaze from my roof top
I can watch the world go by
And what I see from my roof top
Makes me wonder why?

My soaring mind
I feel so blind
Not knowing what the future holds
Moving forward whatever truth unfolds

My thoughts are reeling
My body feeling

Stars that twinkle
Burn so bright
We gaze up at you
And watch your bright light!

A Gift of Love

We had a gift
We thought would last

With gentle kisses
You send chills down my spin
Wont be long
Before I can call you mine!

My children

My life.

Look at the pictures

On Dot's wall

Wait, What's that sound?
Is seems to be coming from all around
It's the voices in my head
Telling me that I am dead

Reality sets in
Mad at choices made
Life begins to change
Things start to fade

You are the flowers that bloom
You are the Mountains that climb
You are the sky that never ends
You are my planet

You were conceived
You grew within my belly.
You were fed by my blood
You are alive

Free to think

Let go of all your doubt and fear.
See the world now unclear.

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Soul Mate

A soul mate is lucky to be found
Once in a lifetime so stand your ground

Love is lost once love is found
A soul mates love is all around

Surround yourself in loves bright light.
Don't watch love go...Stand and fight!

A soul mate found is a lucky thing
It makes your heart stop and sing.

A soul mates love is never lost
Don't let it go at any cost.

If by chance you venture away.
You will come back to true loves sway!

A true love soul mate never dies.
In our hearts our love resides.

A soul mate is your past, present and future all in one
A true love so pure it can not be undone.

Friends and lovers come and go but true love never dies.
That love will overcome the turmoil, strife and even inner lies

If you're lucky to find true love
You're heart soars to the skies above

That soul mates love will always be
From now throughout eternity.

From this life into the next one
A soul mates love will have won

So if you are lucky to have this fate
Thank God above that you met your mate!

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