Upon The Dawn Poem by Cindy H

Upon The Dawn

Wait, What's that sound?
Is seems to be coming from all around
It's the voices in my head
Telling me that I am dead

Hey Do you hear that sound?
It's coming from under ground
Someone shouting let me out
People are gathered all about

Is this heaven or is this hell?
I look around yet I cannot tell
People I see that once were gone
No light or dark upon the dawn

Skies above are beautiful and bright
Yet no sun I see to cause this light
Warm breezes in the air
People float without a care

No light or dark upon the dawn
People I love that have since gone
I look around but cannot tell
Is this Heaven or is this Hell?

I look around, I scream and shout
Some please come let me out
This is the world that you created
I hear the voices that now have stated

You are here by your own choice
The voices you hear are your own voice
Let you out or staying in
This is your world for you to begin

Is this Heaven or is this Hell?
From my eyes the tears now well
This world that I have made
When I close my eyes it does fade

Loved ones that are now gone
They faded upon the lightless dawn
Wait, What's that sound?
I no longer hear the voices around

Written By: Cynthia Howard April 20,2011

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