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1. They Call Me Mbasa. 3/30/2013
2. Where Must I Stand To Be Heard? 4/3/2013
3. When Should I Marry? 4/12/2013
4. The Visitor 4/23/2013
5. Vipi, Nikupende? 6/5/2013
6. Tumbuizo Langu 6/5/2013
7. What Should I Give Out? 7/1/2013
8. 2099 7/22/2013
9. Just Today 7/22/2013
10. Today 7/22/2013
11. (song Of A Madman) My Time Mad. 8/1/2013
12. My Lullaby 8/3/2013
13. My Stand 8/9/2013
14. A Bushman’s Song 8/10/2013
15. Angel Please Don’t Go Too Far 9/18/2013
16. My Letter Of Application 4/6/2013
17. Binti Mtu 11/8/2013
18. Mahaba Au? 11/8/2013
19. You’re Me 12/14/2013
20. Crying Salesman 2/18/2014
21. Never Make A Promise When You’re Happy. 3/9/2014
22. Still My Love 4/13/2015
23. Olá Olá 4/14/2015
24. Melhor Calar 4/14/2015
25. I Love Life 4/14/2015
26. The Lizard Song 4/12/2013
27. Na Safiri. 6/5/2013
28. I Look Forward To Seeing You. 8/1/2013
29. My Wife Will Be Waiting 3/30/2013
30. It Rained On My Tie. 3/30/2013
31. Because Of You. 4/27/2013
32. This Is Me 7/22/2013
33. Am Travelling 7/9/2013
34. My Fear Is 7/17/2013
35. My Paradise 4/27/2013
36. Girl 8/5/2013
37. Better To Keep Silent. 4/14/2015
38. My Secret 8/3/2013
39. Eat 5/10/2013
40. Hello! Hello! 8/1/2013

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Hello! Hello!

Hello I’m calling again,
on the door I’m waiting,
For the balcony seem to be done with me,
I’ll wait till dusk I promise.

Hello I’m calling again,
Look at me I’m straining,
Rain on me I’m waiting,
For drizzles seem to be tough.

Hello I’m calling again,
Seemingly you tend to be busy,
Welcome me if you can’t mind,
For my heart need rest.

Hello I’m calling again
Again and again to be heard,
For denial deal no matter what,
This is me calling again.

Hello I’m calling again,
For the sound seem not new,
Is me calling ...

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My Wife Will Be Waiting

I am leaving, in search for one at heart
The journey seem to be tough and long, I care not prepared I am
Forests, deserts and plains awaits, am honored for am leaving now
Wild beasts seem to be waiting, shrubs and thorny thatches surrounding
My wife will be waiting.

On poop or bowsprit, I’ll sail in search
Waters full of sea monsters a waits, for today pirates scare me not

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