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Hello I’m calling again,
on the door I’m waiting,
For the balcony seem to be done with me,
I’ll wait till dusk I promise.


Black pepper
Juniper berry
White and black mustard

Most important is respect, that will lead you through,
With or without grace, it’s bad to flatter,
For service needed, it’s no good to advertise self,
When short of words, its better to keep silent.

My secret is my password,
The reason to my living,
Happily or sorrowful,
Whatever it may be,


Move on girl move,
As you’re seen in the streets move,
Together with me in matrix,
On foot or train,

One day I will wake up,
See the brightness I always miss.
Then I woke up!
Looked up in the sky,

On the lake shore that lay in the Far East I lived with you
We lived with serpents and mammals of the sea
We kissed in the mornings and evenings
Hugged in the broad day light till dusk

I am leaving, in search for one at heart
The journey seem to be tough and long, I care not prepared I am
Forests, deserts and plains awaits, am honored for am leaving now
Wild beasts seem to be waiting, shrubs and thorny thatches surrounding

I like moving many things, in life that need to move.
West, east I always try, as many seem to be tried.

I loved you but all in vain (I lost)
You left me, only to remain a loser
I died softly, tender hearted
Excitement is now a riddle, just like love

One day our language shall change,
We shall be singing incase,
This language shall first tend to be difficult but interesting,
As singers communicate easily inclusion of me,

I did my work,
Preached the word,
Few heard me and understood,
This is me

I left by the time you never expected,
Coz it happened by the time I didn’t expect it too,
I just went with all my desires of coming back.

Nilikupenda lakini nikakukosa,
Uliniacha nikawa, kujikosa maulana,
Nikafa kwa uchochole, wa roho dhoofu
Shani kitendawili, vilievile mahaba,

Stop calling yourself a Hero yet am here to call you that!
Stop preaching well about self yet it’s my work to deem it honor about you.
Pretend not knowing self because here I am to do so.

When I started thinking, thinking of words that concerned me.
I kept quiet, thoughts came at ease.
I talked to the table and myself, my pen started writing.
I wrote a letter seeking for a job.

Kwako naja shangazi,
Sija panda ngazi,
Kwani mi si mkwezi,
Eti ‘mekuletea nazi,

‘Me tafuta nchini, sipati mtu kama wewe,
Kila siku huja kwenu, sarakate ndefu sikuoni,

Confused I am because of you customer!
The tired and angry also have come to buy!
To buy or not to buy seldom fate!
Customer I am confused of you.

To promise or not to, on the dork waiting I am,
For I know the time, to deem it a honor,
Here I come, that I make it.

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Hello! Hello!

Hello I’m calling again,
on the door I’m waiting,
For the balcony seem to be done with me,
I’ll wait till dusk I promise.

Hello I’m calling again,
Look at me I’m straining,
Rain on me I’m waiting,
For drizzles seem to be tough.

Hello I’m calling again,
Seemingly you tend to be busy,
Welcome me if you can’t mind,
For my heart need rest.

Hello I’m calling again
Again and again to be heard,
For denial deal no matter what,
This is me calling again.

Hello I’m calling again,
For the sound seem not new,
Is me calling you again,
For I can’t wait no more!

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