claire delap

Rookie (north east of england)

claire delap Poems

1. A Heart Felt Meaning 12/14/2006
2. The Sun Is Shining 12/14/2006
3. Whats Going Thro My Mind 12/14/2006
4. What Did I Do So Wrong 12/16/2006
5. First Christmas 1/30/2009
6. Baby Turn Back Time (My Song) 1/30/2009
7. One New Year's Day 1/30/2009
8. Sunshine Faded 1/30/2009
9. Looking Back I Knew There Was No Way Back To Loving You 1/30/2009
10. When The Days Seem Long And Weary 1/30/2009
11. Its Late At Night 1/30/2009
12. What Is My Life Worth To Me 1/30/2009
13. Grandma 1/30/2009
14. Steven And Daniel 1/30/2009
15. Conversations We Had 2/2/2009
16. Dream 2/9/2009
17. What Would You Do For The One That You Love 3/1/2009
18. X-Factor 3/1/2009
19. Always Say I Love You 12/14/2006
20. Helping Angels 6/23/2012
21. Jealousy 6/23/2012
22. The Bridge 6/23/2012
23. If 6/27/2007
24. This Time Last Year 1/30/2009
25. Losing You (Work In Progress) 1/30/2009
26. Who Knew What The World Would Be Like 1/30/2009
27. My Feeling And Belonging 1/30/2009
28. Kisses Come With Cuddles 1/30/2009
29. My Soul 6/23/2012
30. I Will 6/23/2012
31. One Shot 6/23/2012
32. We Lie Side By Side 6/23/2012
33. Despair/Suicide 6/23/2012
34. Alcohol 6/23/2012
35. Violence 6/23/2012
36. Across The Ocean 6/23/2012
37. Conversations 6/23/2012
38. Push 6/23/2012
39. The World Has Become A Cruel Place 6/23/2012
40. Goodby For Now 6/23/2012
Best Poem of claire delap

Monday Morning Blues

I got monday morning blues
as im pulling on my boots
trying to get ready to start my day
but nothing seems to be going right
i really shouldnt of gone out last night
cos today i got monday morning blues

Monday blues monday blues
please release me from my day of hell
make it fast not slow
take away these monday morning blues

Last night was a heavy session
as im knocking back the beer
shooting some pool with a few good friends of mine
i knew i shouldnt of done it
my head was telling me so
saying boy tomorrow
your gonna have those monday ...

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You Lied

You lied to me and i dont know why
All i asked was for the truth
Be honest with me and dont feel no shame
Because i know what you have done
How i know is of no matter now
But the truth was all i was asking of you

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