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I am a 14 year old girl. Claire Yan Yershena is not my real name it is just a pen name. I do really hate my real name to be written and just to be judge by someone. There's a time where in a site I wrote my real name I was so ashamed of it because they wrote those funny things. To be safe, I never write my real name again. I do mostly write Love Po ...

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Your eyes is green,
Your face is shining as the deep blue,
Your smile is one of a kind,
The way you talk is one thing I always paid attention with.
Baby, that how I describe you

Every time I see you I don't know what to do,
If you only know how much I love you.
Every time I receive text messages of yours,
I'd tell some lies just for you to be impressed.
And every time I see you with her my heart has cut m a blade,
Darling didn't you ever know that I've been loving you since the first grade?
Baby that's how I love you.

They convince me to tell my feelings,
But I am tired to be hurt,
Tired in believing there's still a chance between you and me.
I know if I tell what I feel,
It will be useless I know how much you love her,
And you will be happy with her, even forever.

So I tried to stay away,
I did all the things that I think I could forget you.
But nights and days,
It's always been you.

So someday,
I hope you will never forget all the memories.
Never forget all those smiles and laughs.
I wish someday I will never regret in staying away from you,
Hoping it will be the the best thing to do.
Baby, for the last time,
I still love you.

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