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Syria no more war

You are being watched

Iraq the dogs of war are howling at you for money

You need to ask Russia and China to come rescue you for money

Idealism is dead.
Dreaming of a better world is dead.
eternity might be dead.
all I can say is you live under a sun that appears to be dead.

Open smile of a lady

Principal a lovely lady

American mixed martial artist Jason DeLucia
being the first fighter in UFC History
cutting it up with Aikido, Five Animal Kung Fu, and Tae Kwon Do
DeLucia, a last name of a fighter

actress Jessica Tyler
born in Canada
cute smile of an actress
dancer Jessica Tyler

A beautiful golfer

Beautiful swing of a golfer

A lovely lady writer
Buddha quote remembered or book written by Lisa See
China dolls book about largely forgotten world of Chinese American Dolls
Dolls in the nightclubs and performers of the 30s and 40s.

Mary Jane Heath's knowledge of film making including feature films
Nice on documentaries, short films, internet series, commercials
operates cameras for infomercials.
Producer Mary Jane has shot with 35 mm, SD video, HD video, Red camera

Actor screen Actors Guild.
Basketball coach and the current head coach of the TCU Horned Frogs
Coach Jamie Dixon University of Pittsburgh
Dixon starred in various commercials as a child and into his early twenties

American 18 0

Basketball champions 2014

Judge Judy Sheindlin of CBS1996-present (television personality)
Kind judge 1982-1996 (judge)with an attitude
Lawyer1965-1996 (attorney)with a personality
More people's trust Judge Judy than all nine justices of the United States Supreme Court

An American Queen
Beauty queen
Cute queen
Dreaming of the American Dream

A lovely smile of a president.
Beautiful president of President of Lithuania.
Code name Iron Lady or Dalia Grybauskaite, leader of Lithuania.
Dreams of a better Lithuania.

Analyst Lawrence Joseph McReynolds III
being part owner of Bang! Racing
crew chief of NASCAR
Dream on Racing Lawrence's analysis of cars

Lawyer or an American politician, author, and attorney
Mike Lee Senator from Utah
Nation needs more libertarians leaning politicians
open smile of a politician.

Polite driver of Formula cars
Question, who is that driver?
Racer Hans-Joachim Stuck, nicknamed "Strietzel", is a German racing driver
Stuck the last name of a driver in Formula One and many other categories.

Oddity wondering where the wandering earth is today

Charlie a man among men
Honestly working with more shows to come about men
Actor, legendary screen actor, television sitcom straight man
Reality is living loving laughter within the thoughts of a man

God your multiverse is wild.
Your time wave going into the past is wilder.
God I hope I am good.
God I am flawed.

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Well, personally I was not much into poetry since 2002. I wrote a lot of love poems which were not read. In 2013 I was in an accident which left me bed bound for some time. Got back to work in 2014 only to lose my left foot. Later in 2014 I lost partial vision then all my vision. In 2016 I went nuts. As far as I can see I am not in my own reality any more. This is a recording of a past that is not.. Traveling on a closed time like curved loop. So personally I might not be from here.2020 I am a time traveling pirate. Life is not what one expects. Be good Do good. Stop evil. Remember pray.)

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War Syria Civil War

Syria no more war

You are being watched

Reality is but a moment in time

I hope for you Syria ends your war

Almighty, please end this civil war

Civil is not internal

I realize that watching the news

Very evil is evil

I realize money is paid for war news

Love is not their neighbor's news

War in Syria

All that murder

Reality is but a moment in time Syria

No more cry against this war

Only you can stop this war

War in Syria stop please

Almighty, please stop murder too

Reality is love in a moment of time

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Time Travel is possible and happening. Those effected by the Mandela effect are in a closed time like curve. Meaning they are living their lives backwards and seeing as Solomon saw that the past was greater than the future.

You have an intense thirst for epic adventuring, and detest domestication. As far as you're concerned, rules are meant to be broken because life is meant to be lived! You've heard of a wild goose chase before, right? Well, you're the goose everyone is chasing

action speaks louder than words.. in yet words are needed for motivation to take action. now think which is more important to humanity..

arrrrrr.... indeed arrrr... Once uppn a tome I had nightmares and bad dreams. That was wenhen I decided to change. I gave into them. I gave up the hope for happiness. Why fight that which you are. I could be anywhere and do anything. I was a pirate I was a hero I was bank robber I was stock broker, I was a ladys dreaming dreams are all I have now and all I want. I am tired and want to dream some more. This morning dream was weird I was with a group of people doing strange and wied stuff that I would not do nor even consider. But there I was doing and yet it seemed life reality and a better reality then breakfast which I awoke three hours later from. I wonder if my dreams are better than reality and life is just a suckie way of coming back to this existence. I mean I am tired of being told to shut up or leave or being told to be quite. I hurt to. I guess I never grew up. I never should have married I should have lived the life I was meato have ad ethis idieology that meaning has something that life has something to offer other than pain or something less wonderful than a dream. For in a dream I can be. While here here I am told to leave humor I cannot wait to do that. leave it shall be.

Look ma I made top of the world-quote from some movie not sure any more Look the world is not an easy place In fact I am quite out of place I use to have friendship and a friend now I am alone yet again I was thinking of getting a dog for outside of a book a dog is a good friend inside a dog well it is to dark to read a good book paraphrase from Marx- I do not think it was Karl maybe Grucho but not Karl

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Clinton Siegle Popularity

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