Clinton Siegle Poems

Hit Title Date Added
War Syria Civil War

Syria no more war

You are being watched

Where Does Wine Come From

chance to change the road.

I am sad to say.

Marxism Acrostic

Marxism is a plague on humanity's face and time. Through them, destruction of art worldwide has occurred.

A past has shown Marxism murders of thoughts and human rights.

War Iraq War

Iraq the dogs of war are howling at you for money

You need to ask Russia and China to come rescue you for money

Autograph Muse Acrostic Name John Mccain

Autograph Muse Acrostic Name Carlos Irwin Estévez

Charlie a man among men
Honestly working with more shows to come about men
Actor, legendary screen actor, television sitcom straight man
Reality is living loving laughter within the thoughts of a man

God Is Here, There, And Everywhere.The Surprise Journey.

God your multiverse is wild.
Your time wave going into the past is wilder.
God I hope I am good.
God I am flawed.

Oddityi Miss You

Gibberish is the word of the day
I understand not what you say
Blabber blabber just to spray
Butt talking ways

Oddity The Ponetial Of Fae

Adam and the fae to perceive
a fae ring is something to see
all the energy a glow
watching as the fae dance and glow

Autograph Muse Nature Background

Books, books, and more books..
Leather bond books.
A gentleman who is thoughtful about books.
Thinking about books.