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im 17, i love poetry, im going off to college in the fall. i also love music, games and reading.
my favorite band is avenged sevenfold, and my favorite poetry book is 'love is a dog from hell.'
i hope to add some good poems to this wonderful collection. im also single incase anyones interested lol

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Love, Embrace It With Arms Wide Shut

i want love i need love
i need it bad
it keeps me in check
love comes and goes
i cant keep it in check
i want true love but only find lust
what does love have instore for all of us?
i spend my days cold and queit
i cry in my sleep
as i think of the things id like
love has me insnared
its giant woven web
love will be the reason
i wind up living like im dead
one love
on truth
can you handle it?

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cody charette Popularity

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