One Love, One Time, Its Over Kirstie Poem by cody charette

One Love, One Time, Its Over Kirstie

love is not supposed to hurt
love is supposed to be happy
my love hurts
my love is gone
she told me i was to much
i told myself i wasnt enough
i cried so hard
tears felt like fire on my face
love has disgraced me
i have disgraced her
the memory etched
into every part of my brain
time wont heal my pain
only someone to fill the void
the deep dark hole in my chest
i'll miss her but i have to move on
she said she loves me
what does love mean to hear
i feel betrayed
lost and scared
will i ever be the same
love me as i have loved you
for all those months
shall you not
atleast dont forget what i have done for you
and most of all me
time shall pass with words unspoken
so many things to say
but now my heart is broken
i feel ashamed
to be a person
nothing in me but blood and organs
i dont feel a soul
but there must be one
for i would not feel this pain
forgive me kirstie
for i know what i have done
but can not take the blame for your actions
leave me now
dont turn back
keep on walking
i loved you kirstie
just remember that.

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