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41. The Transformation 3/25/2018
42. Lonely Silence 3/25/2018
43. The 12 Days Of Christmas 3/25/2018
44. Love Brings 3/26/2018
45. Lunch After Love 3/26/2018
46. Our Bowling Date 3/26/2018
47. Still 3/26/2018
48. Pete 3/26/2018
49. With Thanks 3/26/2018
50. Stay 4/14/2018
51. Dear Momma 5/4/2018
52. Mother 5/4/2018
53. Moms - A Letter From My Daughter 5/4/2018
54. I Have A Pecan Tree 5/27/2018
55. Stupid He - Stupid Me 5/27/2018
56. Broken Cayons Still Color 5/28/2018
57. The Steps Of A Dad 6/13/2018
58. Kisses To My Father 6/16/2018
59. For A Moment In Time - Nfl 9/16/2018
60. Fed Ex 9/20/2018
61. In A Cold World On A Hot Day 9/29/2018
62. Just Silence And Son Shine 9/29/2018
63. I'm So Ful Of It 9/29/2018
64. Ben (100 Dollar Bill) 9/30/2018
65. What's Going On - What Is It 11/17/2018
66. Why Am I Thankful 11/17/2018
67. Life Without My Phone 11/18/2018
68. Spoken Words 11/19/2018
69. Deer Colette 11/30/2018
70. Don't Let The Bread Get Stale 11/30/2018
71. Frozen 12/2/2018
72. Enough Is Enough 12/2/2018
73. Stand 12/2/2018
74. Me, God And Hot Tamales 12/17/2018
75. Caterpillar 1/20/2019
76. The Strength Of A Woman 2/21/2019
77. Why Should You Miss Me 4/3/2019
78. I'm Dreaming Of A "Right" Christmas 12/20/2018
79. Hurricanes 3/4/2018
80. It 3/4/2018

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Let Me

Let me cook, iron and clean
Let me explore, let me dream
Let me kiss and comfort you
Let me do just what I do
Let me dance to the beat
Let me gently rub your feet
Let me write so you can read
Let me be all that you need
Let me walk, let me run
Let me play, let me have fun
Let me leap, let me fly
Let me gaze into the sky
Let me shine and do me
Let me be all I can be
Let me stretch, let me bend
Let me floss cause I'm a ten
Let me shop in the mall
Let me ball till I fall
Let me sit, let me stand
Let me have you as my man
Let me pray with...

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Michael Jackson - 21

Dear Mike,

I just wanted to touch base with you and write how I feel at this moment. While you were here, you taught us so much. I still play your songs because I like The Way You Make Me Feel through your music. It brings me closer to you. My favorites are Man In The Mirror and Black And White.

You know yo boy Ben broke up with Dirty Diana and told her to Beat It. She began to Scream and yell I Want You Back. Drama, drama, drama. She always Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' acting like she's a

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