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Let Me

Let me cook, iron and clean
Let me explore, let me dream
Let me kiss and comfort you
Let me do just what I do


Today I saw an owl
Or did he see me?
For I looked outside the window
And saw him sitting in a tree


Relationships start off like oh so right
Making love damn near every single night
Dancing, the movies, going out bowling
Cracking so many jokes, I'm on the floor rolling


How much in our life do we copy/paste and what is the effect of it?
You can copy/paste pictures, my energy, my attitude, my emotions, my spiritual growth… but what is it about copying?
You have the choice in life what you choose to copy and paste if any.

God Is Not Lost, You Are

I've heard people say they "Found God"
You didn't find God, because God was never lost
You say, you lost your wallet, or you lost your keys…
You didn't lose your keys, you misplaced your keys

Colette Dright Quotes

19 February 2018

Sometimes in a company, the one who seems the least valuable can bring the greatest value.

18 January 2021

In life, people always say, you gotta be ready. With God's favor, I'm always ready!

24 January 2021

Love is Love - So does much matter?

24 January 2021

Friends are Forever Watermelons are Seasonal

24 January 2021

A person's level of maturity determines if one moves on or lingers on.

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Colette Dright Popularity