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Let me cook, iron and clean
Let me explore, let me dream
Let me kiss and comfort you
Let me do just what I do


Today I saw an owl
Or did he see me?
For I looked outside the window
And saw him sitting in a tree

Relationships start off like oh so right
Making love damn near every single night
Dancing, the movies, going out bowling
Cracking so many jokes, I'm on the floor rolling

How much in our life do we copy/paste and what is the effect of it?
You can copy/paste pictures, my energy, my attitude, my emotions, my spiritual growth… but what is it about copying?
You have the choice in life what you choose to copy and paste if any.

I've heard people say they "Found God"
You didn't find God, because God was never lost
You say, you lost your wallet, or you lost your keys…
You didn't lose your keys, you misplaced your keys

Welcome to December. A joyful, jolly month. A month of happiness, beautiful lights, decorations, positive vibes, excitement, gift giving, peace on earth and love. Yes, this is the right time and this is the right season. A season of endings, out with the old and beginnings, in with the new. End the year strong and begin the new year even stronger.

I have decided the gift to myself this Christmas is to start doing right, not just in some areas, but in every area of my life. And how I will do that is to maintain a right attitude, stay on the right path with the right frame of mind, right my wrongs, have the right perspective and outlook on life, live right, eat right and do what is right by God.

The strength of a woman should not be taken for granted
Nor should it be misunderstood
It is not that she can't, for she has proven she could

Sometimes I'm lost in all this commotion in the world
I am very important
I am meaningful and thought about daily
And I don't like to be denied

Throwback is a person like oh so whack
They do something for you, then they throw it right back
A throwback person knows right from the start
That when it was done, it wasn't from the heart

Weaves to women is like an aid
Some they wear straight and some they braid
Wigs are used for easy access
They grab one quickly when their own hair's a mess


Pick me, pick me, you beg and plead
You think that you just what he need
Today, you in the game, yea! ! !
Today you get to play and that totally made your day

I wonder why you entered my world
And was gone before I knew it
For you brought me so much joy
That my heart still clings on to it

Wieners are what I call male friends. They keep me energetic, lively and spunky. They motivate me to be me. Wieners at times are flirty, easy going, free spirited, joyful and just a lot of fun.
As for me, I am very selective. I am wanted by many, so I observe all. And when I choose, I choose only the finest.

I'd rather have wieners because I have learned when I want a steak instead, it ends up being a process. I experience a transformation process which goes from happiness to hurt.

Schwegmann, Winn Dixie, the Superstore and more
Customer service was instilled indeed in you for sure
You hungry so you pull up in the drive thru
Welcome to McDonald's, how may I help you

Whenever you feel you're going through
God is always there for you
Yo problems cause yo mind to thinking
You find you're more at ease when drinking

When the devil comes under attack and you know he will, don't be discouraged or be dismayed, just say to him, "I'm going get God."

What does it mean when you say, "I'm going get God? "
First of all, you don't have to go far to get God because He will never leave you nor forsake you.

Today begins another journey as I encounter my million mile
A journey where I will enjoy each moment
And everyday I'll wear a smile
There's a place on this journey where marriage and peace

I am A Lady in Waiting. Throughout the earlier part and most of my life, I have pretty much done things my way and some were not necessarily the right way. Rushing into sex brought about parenthood sooner rather than later. As a teen mom, I still finished high school and some college. Being a single parent faced with adult responsibilities, I had to provide for my family. I had many jobs in
my life, but never really no stability when it came to employment, a few years here, a few months there. The same was with relationships, a few years with this one, a few months with that one. But I am here
to say, no regrets whatsoever in the path, choices or direction my life went. Everything I went through, every decision and everything I've endured prepared me for where I am right now. For now I realize it was all for His glory and His purpose. I am A Lady in Waiting.

When somebody find out who are They Said, please let me know

They said, Don't eat cabbage late at night
They said, In the winter not to wear white

The hurricane's over we begin to awake
We go outside to look around
We see trees, leaves, water subsiding
And power lines knocked down

The Best Poem Of Colette Dright

Let Me

Let me cook, iron and clean
Let me explore, let me dream
Let me kiss and comfort you
Let me do just what I do
Let me dance to the beat
Let me gently rub your feet
Let me write so you can read
Let me be all that you need
Let me walk, let me run
Let me play, let me have fun
Let me leap, let me fly
Let me gaze into the sky
Let me shine and do me
Let me be all I can be
Let me stretch, let me bend
Let me floss cause I'm a ten
Let me shop in the mall
Let me ball till I fall
Let me sit, let me stand
Let me have you as my man
Let me pray with you each night
Let me hold you oh so tight
Let me reach for the star
And accept you as you are
Let me show, let me glow
Let me love or let me go!

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Sometimes in a company, the one who seems the least valuable can bring the greatest value.

In life, people always say, you gotta be ready. With God's favor, I'm always ready!

Love is Love - So does much matter?

Friends are Forever Watermelons are Seasonal

A person's level of maturity determines if one moves on or lingers on.

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Colette Dright Popularity

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