Colette Dright Poems

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Let Me

Let me cook, iron and clean
Let me explore, let me dream
Let me kiss and comfort you
Let me do just what I do


Today I saw an owl
Or did he see me?
For I looked outside the window
And saw him sitting in a tree

God Is Not Lost, You Are

I've heard people say they "Found God"
You didn't find God, because God was never lost
You say, you lost your wallet, or you lost your keys…
You didn't lose your keys, you misplaced your keys


How much in our life do we copy/paste and what is the effect of it?
You can copy/paste pictures, my energy, my attitude, my emotions, my spiritual growth… but what is it about copying?
You have the choice in life what you choose to copy and paste if any.


Relationships start off like oh so right
Making love damn near every single night
Dancing, the movies, going out bowling
Cracking so many jokes, I'm on the floor rolling

I'm Dreaming Of A Right Christmas

Welcome to December. A joyful, jolly month. A month of happiness, beautiful lights, decorations, positive vibes, excitement, gift giving, peace on earth and love. Yes, this is the right time and this is the right season. A season of endings, out with the old and beginnings, in with the new. End the year strong and begin the new year even stronger.

I have decided the gift to myself this Christmas is to start doing right, not just in some areas, but in every area of my life. And how I will do that is to maintain a right attitude, stay on the right path with the right frame of mind, right my wrongs, have the right perspective and outlook on life, live right, eat right and do what is right by God.


The caterpillar she crawls around and around
Wondering when he'll come home to lay his head down
She cooked and cleaned and is awaiting for he
But there with his caterpillar, he'd rather not be

The Strength Of A Woman

The strength of a woman should not be taken for granted
Nor should it be misunderstood
It is not that she can't, for she has proven she could

Why Should You Miss Me

Why should you miss me?
When I was there were you aware?
Aware that I exist or was I someone you chose to dis?
Dismiss from your sight and out of your space


Yes, the government was unprepared
Brushed it off and didn't care
Dropped the ball, was slow to act
They knew ahead and that's a fact

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