Collins Gachomo Poems

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True Love

Again i'm sitting besides a picture frame
Behind me is a huge wallpaper of you
Creation of a facial structure of you are all over the walls in my room
Dreaming of me and you in a paradise island riding a horse full of red and pink roses

Writings Of Love

Besides me there is a pen and book
The book contains amazing writings of love
Sweet words like a dove
As i write on it, i think of an amazing look

In The Dark

Behold i see a burning spear
Over the edge of the hill i can't persevere
My watery eyes filled with tears
Oh my wish i had chandeliers

A Jungle Of Fear

On the verge of collapsing
The wales around vibrates the oceans
The vessels along the coastline begins breaking
Later i hear a strange sound of abrasions

The Mighty And Heavy Flower

Whose flower is that? I think I know.
Its owner is quite sad though.
It really is a tale of woe,
I watch her frown. I cry hello.

Shanelle's Torment - The Villanelle Of The Love

Shanelle couldn't stop thinking about the love
It was just so lovesick and erotic
But she could never forget the belove

The Shoes Stranger At Marikiti Market

One day at a beauty shop,
I met a man selling bikini,
For money he wanted to swap,
But I really wanted some vodka martini.

The Songs Of Love

In sweet and gentle melodies,
The songs of love we sing with ease.
With heartstrings strummed by Cupid's bow,
Our love for one another flows.

The Tales Of Peter And His Co-Wife

Peter and Sarah, his co-wife,
Their story was one of strife,
For they had to share one man,
And each day was like a battle plan.

The Gossip Mistress

Wanjiku's salon, a place of chatter
Gossip flows, it doesn't matter
Whispers, giggles, and sneaky glances
The salon's patrons take their chances

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