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Again i'm sitting besides a picture frame
Behind me is a huge wallpaper of you
Creation of a facial structure of you are all over the walls in my room
Dreaming of me and you in a paradise island riding a horse full of red and pink roses

Besides me there is a pen and book
The book contains amazing writings of love
Sweet words like a dove
As i write on it, i think of an amazing look

Behold i see a burning spear
Over the edge of the hill i can't persevere
My watery eyes filled with tears
Oh my wish i had chandeliers

On the verge of collapsing
The wales around vibrates the oceans
The vessels along the coastline begins breaking
Later i hear a strange sound of abrasions

Whose flower is that? I think I know.
Its owner is quite sad though.
It really is a tale of woe,
I watch her frown. I cry hello.

Shanelle couldn't stop thinking about the love
It was just so lovesick and erotic
But she could never forget the belove

One day at a beauty shop,
I met a man selling bikini,
For money he wanted to swap,
But I really wanted some vodka martini.

In sweet and gentle melodies,
The songs of love we sing with ease.
With heartstrings strummed by Cupid's bow,
Our love for one another flows.

Peter and Sarah, his co-wife,
Their story was one of strife,
For they had to share one man,
And each day was like a battle plan.

Wanjiku's salon, a place of chatter
Gossip flows, it doesn't matter
Whispers, giggles, and sneaky glances
The salon's patrons take their chances

Akoth had a marriage that was broken,
Her heart felt as if it had been choked in,
A love she thought would last forever,
Ended up leaving her with pain that felt like a fever.

Maureen had two suitors, both equally fine,
But her heart was divided, causing her to pine.
Tom was kind and funny, with a smile so bright,
While Jack was adventurous, always up for a fight.

There once was a goat in a flock
Who dreamed of wandering about the block
One day he slipped away
And wandered without delay

Akoth met Kelvin at a bar,
He smiled and flashed his guitar.
She was captured by his charm,
Soon they were arm in arm.

Akoth and Kelvin, what a pair
They seemed so happy, but then, despair
A break-up came, they went their own way
But Akoth missed him every single day

Akoth was out on a stroll,
When Kelvin made his proposal bold.
Her heart filled with joy and love,
She accepted, like a gift from above.

Akoth and Kelvin, two hearts entwine
A love so strong, a bond divine
They pledged their lives, they said 'I do'
A promise made, forever true

Akoth's due date is drawing near,
In two short years, a daughter dear,
A precious bundle, a gift from above,
Born of the purest form of love.

Shantel was a little girl,
With a heart as pure as a pearl,
She joined Baraka pre primary school,
And proved that she was nobody's fool.

There once was a girl named Shantel
Whose school success was truly swell
She studied hard every day
And always tried in every way

Collins Gachomo Biography

Collins Gachomo is a writer and an animal production expert originally from Eldoret, Kenya. He has a Diploma in Dairy production and processing from Dairy Training Institute, Naivasha. He has been practicing poem writing from his high school level thou not an area of expertice but just a part-time writer and he has a dream of becoming the best poet in the world. When he is not writing poems, Collins spends most of his time reading, cooking, hanging out with friends, and catching his favorite Broadway shows. An admitted sports fanatic, he feeds his addiction to football by watching Mombasa Olympic Ladies Football club on weekends afternoon.)

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True Love

Again i'm sitting besides a picture frame
Behind me is a huge wallpaper of you
Creation of a facial structure of you are all over the walls in my room
Dreaming of me and you in a paradise island riding a horse full of red and pink roses
Exchanging vows and smiles as we see the beautiful nature from above
Focusing on the blue skies as we read our pages of life
Going through our daily pages of love and creating an empire between us
Honesty and love between us is always special
In every way i couldn't allow our love to fade
Just simple words i have to tell you
Kinda magical words that'll make
Everything betweens us sweet and special
Love you deeply that can be felt by your veins as we hold tight
My heart is filled by your love
Non can destroy it but only you can make and repair it whenever it torns aparts
Ooh! My love your feelings goes through my veins
Pointing out my major arteries as it pumps oxygenated blood full of your love
Quit anything but never erase my name from your heart
Right side of my heart your name will always be printed
Something rings on my mind like your sweet voice of love from your sweet lips
To you i hope you will always be next to me
Until death us part
Very happy as we cuddle underneath the water full of white roses with blue lights singing love songs for ourselves
What a joy to my heart as your soft skin touches my hip
X-tremely aroused by love from your sweet body and a firm figure
Yes my love we are meant to be one
Zillions of sweet words i have for you, may all be a dream come true

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