Ramesh T A Colour Poems

A Beautiful Colour Festival, Holi!

The Earth is full of colour, love and life in the whole Universe!
Colourful pageant of species parades in all parts of the world!
After Winter, Holi, the festival of colour welcomes Spring season
And colourful romantic mood maroons men in mirth and revelry!

Colour Festival For Unity In Love!

Festival of colours, Holi is openly celebrated one;
Colourfully sharing love among all love is cherished
In joy in the society by spraying colour water on all!

A Colour For Season!

Sun's True Colour!

Sun burning everything hot no oven is needed to cook
Food we all eat delicious or not everyday in Summer time!
In a hottest place a woman has fried an egg omelet well
For the lunch her family will be taking sooner or later there!

True Colour Of Reliable Friend In The World!

Only friend is the one reliable to confide important matters
Fpr discussion and finding appropriate solution to problems
Needed to take vital decision both for life and work in the
World full of fakes that make even noble matters as farce!

Colour As A Mark Of Culture!

Month of March is marked with Colour (Holi) festival in India famous
As Diwali festival (of Lights) like Lovers Day of Western world ever!
Colour brings delight in all festivals and functions we enjoy most
With our dear and near ones of friends and families in world life!

Wonderful Colour Festival For Love Of God!

Colour festival called Holi celebrated by all by spraying
Colour waters over all and smearing colour powder on the
Faces and dresses of the bodies of friends, loved ones
And intimates is fine symbol of unity in diversity here!

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