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A Dead Heart

*Heavy Sigh*
I don't even know why I even considered to try,
Don't even know why I would risk hurt again
To feel for a minute what I know to me is forbidden.

It's messed up it really is
That no matter how much I give
I always get f*cked in the end,
It didn't matter that i was more more than a lover
more to you than just a friend
I cooked, I cleaned, I loved, I cared
But at the end of the day confirmed were my fears
that you never loved me with the intensity I loved you.

As the sun sets in the evening
and all expecting it will rise ...

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Luv Me For A Fool

I know u said you love me,
Yet we feel like strangers siting side by side,
I Know you said you would never hurt me,
Yet thoughts of you brings a hollow pain to my heart,
I Know i am not perfect,
Yet I am true, even though i am prone to error.
How did you capture me
Placing a maze around my longing heart,
How did you swallow my voice

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